Working as a Wedding Photographer, being involved in the planning process of a huge event, working with some of the best vendors in the Wedding Industry, and networking, you pick up a lot of information. A lot of information that not all Bride and Grooms know. I will try to update this tab as much as possible. Giving helpful tips, advice, referrals, ideas, anything that pops into my head that I would like to think someone would appreciate *smiles* Some of these are for fun, while some new updates might be on a more of a serious note. This is a BLOG. It should be fun!

*You are engaged, enjoy it. You are planning a special day that you will remember forever, enjoy it. Try not to stress over the planning of your wedding. Constantly keep your family and friends around you. Ask for help when you need it. Don’t stress out about the 200+ ties you have to put on your programs  at the last minute. Call up your girl friends to come over, help you out, and have a girls night in watching old movies and order pizza!

*Watch Bridezillas on the WE network. This will help you know that your wedding will be amazing. Your wedding will be beautiful. The Bridezilla show is for TV, not real life disaster weddings. I promise you.

*You want to look and feel your best on your wedding day, but also, in general. Work out. Eat Healthy. Live by example. Keep Moving : )

*Try Cliqnue’s new Acne Solutions 3 Step Program. It works wonders for your face! I’ve tried it all, and this is the best!

*Put together a Bridal Emergency Kit and put your maid of honor in charge of it! It can have things like: mints, gum, advil, chapstick, lipstick, digital camera, cash, bobby pins, hairspray, sewing kit, safety pins, clear tape, tape made for clothing, baby powder, shout wipes, tissues.. You never know when you could get a makeup stain on your gown and will need something to remove it. You never know when a flower can fall a part and you need safety pins. You never know that your aisle runner needs to be pinned/or taped down to stay secure. You never know when a groomsman can rip his pants. You get the picture : )

*Hire a Videographer.

*Hire a Wedding Planner.

*Hire a Professional Photographer. Not a family member or friend. Not an intern or assistant. A professional.

*Once you set your date, start thinking of your decor. Just got engaged over the holidays? Planning a winter themed wedding for 2010, start shopping now! Purchase the decor while it is all on clearance!

*Be sure to schedule a trial run with your hair and makeup. Schedule this all on a day where you have access to your wedding gown and accessories too (maybe like final fitting or once your dress comes in) You want to see your entire vision come alive, from top to bottom. Schedule it all together : )

*Attend Bridal Shows. They are fun. Yes, they might be overwhelming and a bit much. In the end though, you can get some amazing ideas, deals, discounts, and meet with a lot of wedding professionals all in one afternoon. Drag your fiance too! : )

*Think about getting married on a Friday or Sunday. You can also think about getting married November through March, it is considered “off season” and you might be able to save more than you know!

*DIY Projects! Make your wedding custom and save some money! Do the Save the Dates, the Invites, the Programs yourself! Get ideas from online sources and craft/scrapbooking stores! Most scrapbooking stores have Free Classes on these wedding related DIY Projects! Make your own unity candle! Make your own pew decorations! No one says you have to pay big bucks for anything!

*Have you and your fiance set up an email account, just one email address, for you to share and use for wedding related things. For example;  Use this address when you sign up for your registry, rsvp’s for the small events, for vendors, for bridal show giveaways and entries, etc. This way, your personal and work email won’t be exploding with wedding spam!! : )

*Coupons. Coupons. Coupons. Michael’s and Joann Fabrics always have sales/coupons. Keep in mind when purchasing items like ring bearer pillow,  candles, candle holders, etc.

*Drink plenty of water on your wedding day and dont’ miss any meals. I recommend packing a cooler with plenty of bottled water, lots of fruit and even some snacks.

*Pick up a Free Copy of the Bride and Groom Planner. It is a great planner/magazine for the Tri-State area and features all the best wedding vendors! Look for the new issue coming out this July! CJ Photographys’ photograph one the front cover!!

*Plan to get a Limo/Party Bus/Trolley some type of transportation. This may not be in every Brides budget, but it is worth the price I promise you. You do not have to worry about several cars, family and friends following each other, people getting lost, parking arrangements, etc. Make things simple so you can relax and breathe on wedding day!

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