Sara + Allen { What Dreams Are Made of }


Congratulations to Sara and Allen!! My assistant and I had such an amazing time at this wedding over the weekend!! All I can say is this wedding was so full of love it was unbelievable! From the love between the bridal party, the love of their family members and closest friends, and the love between husband and wife. I felt honored to be a part of something so incredible. Truly, incredible!!

There were just so many sweet moments throughout the day that were unforgettable. Once the Bride was finished getting ready { which um WOW Sara!! You were a knockout!! } all the bridesmaids came in one by one to see Sara! They laughed, they hugged, they cried. It was great! Sara also wanted to have a private moment for her Dad and Mom to see her in her dress for the first time. Let’s just say hello waterworks when that happened! From the Bride and from us!! HEHE- We can’t help it { we love weddings!!! }

Then the sweetest moment from the entire day happened… the first reveal between Sara and Allen. They had been waiting for this moment for over 7 years… and here it was… Allen knew the day he met her, she was the one, and when he saw his Bride on his wedding day, he fell a part. It was very emotional to say the least!! My favorite quote of the day was when they saw each other and Allen had a tough time holding it together, Sara then says, ” Now hold it together, you are a police officer!!”  Everyone watching this magical moment busted out in laughter.

Thank you so much for letting me be there on your wedding day. It was more than beautiful! Your love for one another is better than any fairy tale I have ever read. Never lose sight of what brought you two together and never forget the vows you took on your wedding day!

I love the two of you and congratulations!!!



Shout out to the awesome vendors we had the chance to work with:  Floral V Designs, Doug Baker their DJ, Eye Do Makeup and Hair LLC, Kathy with Your Dream Day,and Midnight Rose Trio!!

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My name is Christina Connelly and I live in Cincinnati, Ohio. I am a photographer specializing in Wedding Photography. My style of photography is a beautiful blend of both photojournalistic and traditional poses. I capture beauty for a living and I am truly blessed. My passions, my family, my friends, God, are all a part of the things I hold dear to my heart.

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