Debbie & Daryl { Say I Do }


Congratulations to Debbie and Daryl who got married on Saturday! The ceremony was held at Madison Christian and the Reception a few blocks down at The Madison!! It turned out to be such a beautiful day!! CJ Photography had the great pleasure of working with Jeff Hill Videography!! The Reception at The Madison was a lot of fun! Their guests were full of life and energy- hands down they had the best Soul Train I have ever seen!! 🙂

I wish you both and your families all the best of luck with everything that comes your way! Thank you for allowing CJ Photography to be a part of your special day! Enjoy your teasers!!!


About eatdrinkbmarry

My name is Christina Connelly and I live in Cincinnati, Ohio. I am a photographer specializing in Wedding Photography. My style of photography is a beautiful blend of both photojournalistic and traditional poses. I capture beauty for a living and I am truly blessed. My passions, my family, my friends, God, are all a part of the things I hold dear to my heart.

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